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Nome do Investigador António Manuel Dias Brehm
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Data de Entrada 2007/07/26
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Unidade de Investigação Data de Entrada Data de Saída Tipo de Investigador % Tempo Dedicado à Investigação
Laboratório de Genética Humana 08 Jun 2006 Investigador
Laboratório de Genética Humana 26 Jul 2007 Coordenador

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New sequence variants detected at DXS10148, DXS10074 and DXS10134 loci 2016  
Association of ADAMTS7 gene polymorphism with cardiovascular survival in coronary artery disease 2016  
Structure and genetic variation of the mitochondrial control region in the honey bee Apis mellifera Goncalves, R (Goncalves, Rita)[ 1 ] ; Freitas, AI (Freitas, Ana Isabel)[ 1 ] ; Jesus, J (Jesus, Jose)[ 1 ] ; De la Rua, P (De la Rua, Pilar)[ 2 ] ; Brehm, A APIDOLOGIE 2015 12 515-526  
Asthma-snapshot or motion picture? Berenguer AG, Rosa A, Brehm A. Frontiers in Genetics 2013 4  
First record of Ramphotyphlops braminus (DAUDIN, 1803) on Madeira Island (Portugal) Jesus, Jose; Goncalves, Rita; Spinola, Carla;Brehm, António Herpetozoa 2013 4 106-109  
Genetic identity of Pipistrellus maderensis from the Madeira archipelago: a first assessment, and implications for conservation Jesus, Teixeira, Freitas, teixeira, Brehm HYSTRIX-ITALIAN JOURNAL OF MAMMALOGY 2013 4 177-180  
Distribution of polymorphisms IL4 -590 C/T and IL4 RP2 in the human populations of Madeira, Azores, Portugal, Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau Anabela G Berenguer1, Rita A Câmara2, António D Brehm1, Susana Oliveira2, Ana T Fernandes1 Int J Mol Epidemiol Genet. 2012 5 179-183  
RTTN mutations link primary cilia function to organization of the human cerebral cortex. Kheradmand Kia S, Verbeek E, Engelen E, Schot R, Poot RA, de Coo IF, Lequin MH, Poulton CJ, Pourfarzad F, Grosveld FG, Brehm A, de Wit MC, Oegema R, Dobyns WB, Verheijen FW, Mancini GM. Am J Hum Genet. 2012 7 533-540  
RTTN Mutations Link Primary Cilia Function to Organization of the Human Cerebral Cortex Kia, SK; Verbeek, E; Engelen, E; Schot, R; Poot, RA; de Coo, IFM; Lequin, MH; Poulton, CJ; Pourfarzad, F; Grosveld, FG; Brehm, A; de Wit, MCY; Oegema, R; Dobyns, WB; Verheijen, FW; Mancini, GMS AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS 2012 8 533-540  
Independent association of the variant rs1333049 at the 9p21 locus and corollary heart disease Mendonca, I; dos Reis, RP; Pereira, A; Cafe, H; Serrao, M; Sousa, AC; Freitas, AI; Guerra, G; Freitas, S; Freitas, C; Ornelas, I; Brehm, A; Araujo, JJ REVISTA PORTUGUESA DE CARDIOLOGIA 2011 17 575-591  
Signatures of the preagricultural peopling processes in sub-Saharan Africa as revealed by the phylogeography of early Y chromosome lineages. Batini C, Ferri G, Destro-Bisol G, Brisighelli F, Luiselli D, Sánchez-Diz P, Rocha J, Simonson T, Brehm A, Montano V, Elwali NE, Spedini G, D'Amato ME, Myres N, Ebbesen P, Comas D, Capelli C. Mol Biol Evol. 2011 10 2603-2613  
Y-chromosomal STRs in two populations from Israel and the Palestinian Authority Area: Christian and Muslim Arabs. Fernandes AT, Gonçalves R, Gomes S, Filon D, Nebel A, Faerman M, Brehm A. Forensic Sci Int Genet. 2011 2 561-562  
Prevalence of H63D, S65C, and C282Y hereditary hemochromatosis gene variants in Madeira Island (Portugal). Spínola C, Brehm A, Spínola H. Ann Hematol. 2011 4 29-32  
African human mtDNA phylogeography at-a-glance Alexandra Rosa1,2 & António Brehm2 Journal of Anthropological Sciences 2011 34 25-58  
Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency in the Cape Verde islands (Northwest Africa): High prevalence in a sub-Saharan population. Spínola C, Brehm A, Spínola H. Respir Med. 2010 4 1069-1072  
Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency in the Cape Verde islands (Northwest Africa): High prevalence in a sub-Saharan population Spinola, C; Brehm, A; Spinola, H RESPIRATORY MEDICINE 2010 4 1069-1072  
HLA-DRB1 and asthma pre-disposition in Madeira Island (Portugal) Lemos, A; Spinola, C; Fernandes, AT; Camara, R; Brehm, A; Spinola, H TISSUE ANTIGENS 2010 1 624-624  
Interaction of paraoxonase-192 polymorphism with low HDL-cholesterol in coronary artery disease risk Mendonca, MI; dos Reis, RP; Freitas, AI; Pereira, A; Sousa, AC; Freitas, S; Ornelas, I; Freitas, C; Brehm, A; Araujo, JJ REVISTA PORTUGUESA DE CARDIOLOGIA 2010 10 571-580  
Phylogenetic relationships of African green snakes (genera Philothamnus and Hapsidophrys) from Sao Tome, Principe and Annobon islands based on mtDNA sequences, and comments on their colonization and taxonomy Jesus, J; Nagy, ZT; Branch, WR; Wink, M; Brehm, A; Harris, DJ HERPETOLOGICAL JOURNAL 2009 8 41-48  
Determination of genetic profiles associated with atopic asthma in a Madeira patients' population Camara, R; Fernandes, A; Berenguer, A; Oliveira, S; Brehm, A ALLERGY 2009 1 186-186  
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