Inglês Aplicado C2.1 - Empresarial / Jurídico - Línguas e Relações Empresariais - Sem Ramos - Especialidades

Ano: 3 / 1º Semestre
Plano: 2013/14
Área Científica: LIE
Nível: Avançado

Carga Horária Semestral

Ensino Teórico:
Ensino Teórico-Prático: 64.00
Ensino Prático e Laboratorial:
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Orientação tutorial:


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Cursos onde é leccionada a disciplina

Curso - Ramo Ano Plano
Línguas e Relações Empresariais - Sem Ramos - Especialidades 2013/14

Corpo Docente

Vladimir Zegarac
Vladimir Zegarac

Responsável pelas Pautas
Ensino teórico-prático

Ficha da disciplina

Objectivos da disciplina



The ultimate aim of the course is to improve business and legal communicative and written skills and to develop students? abilities to interact with different cultures in typical professional situations. The student-centred approach will allow learners to use their own experiences, knowledge, and expertise in activities and discussions.


Critérios de avaliação



The students? oral production will also be assessed in class during the semester. It is mandatory for worker students to be assessed in the oral component as well. In case these are unable to attend classes regularly, they must consult the course lecturer at the beginning of the course.


Students who have not reached an average mark of 9.5 at the end of the semester will be allowed to do the Re-sit Exam. This will count as 100% and will include all the semester material.


All the work assigned during the semester is exam-relevant. Home assignments are compulsory and in class meetings students are expected to be participative and make active contributions.






ASSESSMENT - Final grading consists of:


a) Exam 1             17th November 2017 40%


b) Exam 2            January 2018 (to be confirmed) 40%


c) Oral production 20%


Re-sit Exam 100% 




Programa resumido (ver programa detalhado)

Bibliografia Principal

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-          Set Texts: Grammars
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- STRUTT, Peter, Market Leader Business Grammar and Usage: Business English, Harlow: Pearson/Longman, 2000.

 Students will be asked to work on an additional selection of different types of texts that will be handed to them during classes by the lecturer.

Outras Fontes Bibliográficas / Documentos de Apoio

General Bibliography
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