Materiais de Construção - Engenharia Civil - Sem Ramos - Especialidades

ECTS / Credit Units
Year: 2 / 2º Semestre
Plan: 2012/13
Scientific Area: CIV
Level: Intermédio

Semestral Hour Load

Theorical: 48.00
Theorical-Pratical: 32.00
Pratical and Laboratorial:


Assigned Internship Hours:
Assigned Projects Hours:
Assigned Fieldwork Hours:
Assigned Study Hours:
Assigned Evaluation Hours:

Degree having this Course

Degree - Branch Degree Plan Year
Engenharia Civil - Sem Ramos - Especialidades 2012/13

Teaching Staff

Joana Micaela Andrade da Silva
Joana Micaela Andrade da Silva

Ensino teórico-prático
Lino Manuel Serra Maia
Lino Manuel Serra Maia

Responsável pelas Pautas
Ensino teórico

Course Information

Course Objectivs

1 Interpret and solve problems in engineering in order to practice the engineer profession with analytical capacity, critical thinking and innovative sense. Search and select the information needed to support solutions in the field of civil engineering.

2 Acquire basic knowledge about the primary materials used in construction, including their raw materials and processing, characteristics and properties, in order to understand its applications and performances. Address the main normative documents applicable, in order to select and specify materials for practical applications.

Evaluation Criteria

Classification Type: Quantitative (0-20)
Evaluation Model: A
Evaluation Methodology: Regular Season - is evaluated in the 3 frequencies that are designed to measure students knowledge (by theoretical and theoretical-practical issues/problems). The 1st frequency will have a weight of 20%, 2nd frequency will have a weight of 40% and 3rd frequency will have a weight of 40%. Students who have a final classification (weighted classification of the three frequencies) of at least 9.50 values will get approved. Appeal and Special Season - are evaluated with a test that aim to assess the theoretical and theoretical-practical knowledge. Students who have a rating in the examination of at least 9.50 values get approved. Note: Students who achieve a rating of at least 18.5 values will have a provisional classification of 18 values. However, they may submit to oral examination to qualify to obtain a final grade above 18 points.

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Main Bibliography

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Other Biographical Sources / Support Documents

COUTINHO, J.S. Apontamentos da Prof.ª Joana de Sousa Coutinho para a disciplina de Materiais de Construção 2 - FEUP.

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