Unidade II de Formação Científica, Cultural, Social e Ética ( História da Matemática ) - Matemática - Sem Ramos - Especialidades

ECTS / Credit Units
Year: 2 / 1º Semestre
Plan: 2015/16
Scientific Area: FCC
Level: Básico

Semestral Hour Load

Theorical-Pratical: 80.00
Pratical and Laboratorial:


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Degree having this Course

Degree - Branch Degree Plan Year
Matemática - Sem Ramos - Especialidades 2015/16

Teaching Staff

José Manuel Nunes Castanheira da Costa
José Manuel Nunes Castanheira da Costa

Responsável pelas Pautas
Ensino teórico-prático

Course Information

Course Objectivs

1 The main objective of this course is, through a chronological overview of the evolution of Mathematics and the exploration of some examples:

1.1 To acquire an understanding of some of the great questions in Mathematics in the XXth century,

1.2 To acquire an understanding of the points of view adopted in their solution.

Evaluation Criteria

Classification Type: Quantitative (0-20)
Evaluation Methodology: "Lectures. Discussion and solving problems, which promotes the active participation of students. The evaluation is done through the realization of two tests (50%+50%). Additionally, we encourage the participation of the students. The active participation of students can increase the final evaluation up to one value. In a second season of exams, if necessary the students can recover the note from one of the tests or, alternatively, the complete exam. "

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Main Bibliography

Dirk Struik (1997). História Concisa das Matemáticas. Gradiva.
C. Boyer (1968). Historia de la Matematica. Alianza Editorial.
N. Bourbaki (1974). Eléments d´Histoire des Mathématiques. Hermann, Paris.

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