Procedure for the participation in face-to-face activities

Dear Students,

Upon the return to face-to-face activities at the University (UMa), we continue to rely on your collaboration, to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to preserve collective health.

Following the Covid-19 Contingency Plan of the University of Madeira and its Addendum 1, published at, we highlight below the procedures to be followed at the University:

1) Entries and exits from the University building (Penteada University Campus) shall always be made through the main door;
2) When you go to the University, find out in advance the time and room where the activities in which you will be involved take place;
3) In the lobby of the building there will be information about the classrooms, and exams that will take place on the day in question;
4) Try to get to the university at least 30 minutes prior to beginning of the activity;
5) When entering the building, at the reception, you must identify yourself, upon presentation of your student or citizen card, for control. If necessary, a reusable mask will be provided, which you should wear during your entire stay inside the building and use in future accesses to the University;
6) In order to control the number of students at the same time at the University, and to have the necessary rooms, properly sanitized and prepared, access will only be granted to those students who are on the list of enrolled for the activities taking place;
7) There will be signs indicating the path that must be followed to access and exit the rooms on each floor;
8) When entering the building you should go to the room where your class or exam takes place and at the end of it you should leave the building;
9) You should always keep two-metre distance from your colleagues, and avoid crowds (either at the entrance, inside or outside the building);
10) As far as exam are concerned, exam and draft sheets will be made available in the room where they take place;
11) We recommend the hygienization of the hands, before and after each of the teaching/evaluation activities, washing them frequently or using the disinfectant solution dispensers available on campus.

As a member of the Academy, we thank you for your contribution and active participation in fulfilling the measures contained in the Contingency Plan, contributing to the reduction of risks that could have negative consequences in the context of the current pandemic.

We wish you every success in your evaluations.

The Management Council of the University of Madeira