Directorate for Infrastructures and Equipment

Its main competences are the management, maintenance, conservation, rehabilitation, re-qualification and security of facilities.

Directorate of Financial and Patrimonial Services

Its competences are mainly focused in the areas of financial, budgetary and patrimonial management.


Management of the administrative documentation that has been produced, received, and accumulated over time by different bodies and services.

External Secretariat

This department acts in the domains of secretariat and administrative support to those academic structures involving external bodies.

Asset Management Unit

Management of the processes of acquisition of goods and services.

Academic Affairs Unit

Administrative and academic management, and student support system, following their academic path.

Equipment and Physical Resources’ Unit

Its goal is to support events while assuring its logistics (cleaning, security, preparation, space reorganisation, moving and transportation);

Instructure and Facility Unit

To create real studies and projects of architecture, and coordinate expertise projects, including measuring and budgeting.

Project and Cooperation Unit

Management and development of RD&I and Science & Technology programs and projects, and of cooperation and external relations.

Human Resources Unit (HRU)

This unit is responsible for the management of human resources, for the promotion of training actions and for the increment of skills.

Economics and Finance Unit

Responsible for the institution's budgets and accountability, providing support in the fields of accounting and taxes.

Communication and Informatics’ Unit

Deals with the development and maintenance of the computer applications incorporated in the information system. It assures the reliability, safety and performance of the technological infrastructure.

Marketing and Communications Office (MCO)

It exerts its competences related to the University’s image and public relations.

Quality Assurance Office

Quality promotion and control, as well as its evaluation, modernization and certification of procedures.

Software Development Office

Development and maintenance of computer applications that integrate UMa’s information systems.

Computer System and Network Office

It ensures reliability, security and performance of the technological infrastructure, including the connectivity among systems.

Administrative Support Office

The Rectory Support Office exercises its powers to support the Rectory Office and its team.