Frank Thomas Ussner Dellinger

Estação de Biologia Marinha do Funchal, Floor 2

Biographical Notes

I'm interested in behavioral ecology and evolution and have worked on a number of species, including seals, lizards, turtles, and insects. I seek to understand behavioral adaptations to the environment both in the sea as well as on land. I use a wide combination of methods, mostly in the field, including ecological and behavioral observation, data-logging and citizen science.
The most prominent working area are oceanic stage loggerhead sea turtles. Here I?m interested in understanding why juveniles turtles spend their most important growth phase in oligotrophic open ocean waters. How do they find feeding areas and food and what triggers their migratory paths. Other questions address human impact on and the conservation of these species.
A newer area deals with color polymorphism of the Madeira wall lizard and its role in sexual selection and intra-sexual competition.
Historical thematic excursions addressed the relevance of islands and specifically of Madeira Island in Darwin´s work and the Origin of Species.


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Academic Qualifications

- PhD in Biologia, 1991, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

- Master Degree in Biologia, 1987, Universität Konstanz

Current Duties

- Director of the Degree in -