Helder Manuel Arsénio Lopes

Penteada University Campus , Floor 1, Office 1.58


(+351) 291 705 319 / 5319

Biographical Notes

- Associate Professor with Aggregation at the Faculty of Social Sciences - Department of Physical Education and Sport.

- Teaching Areas:
Sport Pedagogy, Physical Education and Sport Didactics (Combat Sports and Athletics), Pedagogical Internship, Systematics of Sport Activities, Sport Operational Strategies, Innovation and Sport Technologies at School, Practical Studies (Combat Sports and Athletics).

- Current research interests:
The study and deepening of the understanding of sports activities and their management based on the articulation of research in the following areas: a) Systematics of Sports Activities - as a structuring framework of knowledge b) The pedagogical process - centered on the understanding of functionalities and not on reproduction of pedagogical/didactic stereotypes; c) The resistances inherent to the inertia that opposes innovation and the transformation of processes.
Thus, our study currently focuses predominantly on the pedagogical process, using sport at an instrumental level, as a tool for transforming the individual, for which we have been investing, namely in the articulation of the pedagogical process with the understanding and explanation of sporting activities, focusing in a special way on the operationalization of the teaching of Physical Education, Tourism, Health and Sports Training and on the respective resistance to change, both in terms of content and processes.

- Positions and Functions at the University of Madeira (current)
Member of the General Council; Member of the Senate; Member of the Assembly of the Faculty of Social Sciences (FCS); Member of the Scientific Council of FCS; Member of the Pedagogical Councils of UMa and FCS; Director of the Master's Degree in Physical Education Teaching in Basic and Secondary Education; Member of the Scientific Committee of the Department of Physical Education and Sport.

Academic Qualifications

- PhD in Educação Física e Desporto, 2006, University of Madeira

- Master Degree in Ciências do Desporto, 2001, University of Madeira

- Undergraduate Degree in Educação Física, 1986, Universidade de Lisboa

Current Duties

- Director of the Master in - diretor.eefebs.2c@mail.uma.pt

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