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Biographical Notes

Pedro Filipe Campos is Associate Professor with Habilitation in the Computer Engineering Department of the Faculty of Exact Sciences and Engineering, University of Madeira, since May 2018. He teaches Programming Usable Interfaces, Software Processes and Metrics, Advanced Research Topics and other curricular units related with Human-Computer Interaction and Software Engineering. He has supervised 5 PhD thesis and 2 Post-Docs. He is currently supervising 7 PhD theses. He also supervised or co-advised >40 MSc theses at the Univ. of Madeira and at Instituto Superior Técnico (Univ. of Lisbon), as well as 6 final degree projects (pre-Bologna) at the Univ. of Madeira. Pedro holds an Habilitation from the University of Aveiro (Feb. 2018), a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction from the University of Madeira (Oct. 2006), and a BSc and MSc in Informatics and Computer Engineering from the Technical University of Lisbon (2002, 2003). He is a professional member of the ACM and Eurographics.
Pedro has published more than a hundred peer-reviewed papers in the fields of HCI (>102 Scopus entries), and has participated in the program committee of more than 50 international conferences, and had leading roles in the organization of more than 28 international conferences, serving as president of the program committee, associate chair, local organizer, posters chair, demos chair and others. He is currently the national delegate to the IFIP's Human-Computer Interaction (TC13), where he is also vice-chair of the 13.6 HWID (Human Work Interaction Design) working group. He co-founded the HWID (Human Work Interaction Design) conference series held every 3 years since 2006, and published by Springer-Verlag. He is Area Editor of the EAI Transactions on Creative Technologies. In 2021 Pedro received the Silver Core Award from IFIP.


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Academic Qualifications

- PhD in Engenharia Informática, 2006, University of Madeira