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Biographical Notes

Ciência Vitae ID: 441E-E0A0-B685

EU Funded projects

Pro-Ciência Madeira 14-20
August 2018 - September 2019
Desenho de Cozinhas Industriais do Futuro: Inovação com Internet das Coisas e Tecnologias Inteligentes Ativas (A Cozinha Industrial do Futuro)
Investigador responsável (Principal Investigator)

Pro-Ciência Madeira 14-20
April 2022 - June 2023
M1420-01-0247 -FEDER-000052
Investigador responsável (Principal Investigator)

Pro-Ciência Madeira 14-20
April 2022 - June 2023
SAFE - Safe Football Entrance
Investigador (Investigator)

Pro-Ciência Madeira 14-20
December 2021 - June 2023
Investigador (Investigator)

Shujoy is appointed as the Course Director of both the Bachelors and Masters in Design Degree Programs at the University of Madeira, Portugal.
His research affiliation is as faculty researcher with the Interactive Technologies Institute ITI-LARSYS research unit.

Shujoy holds a Ph.D in Design (Summa Cum Laude) from Politecnico di Milano specialized in Product Semantics and Shape Coding focusing on the design of next generation home appliances. His doctoral studies were funded through research fellowships sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Universities, Scientific Research and Technology and the School of Doctoral Studies (INDACO) at the Politecnico di Milano.

Shujoy has lectured in international Industrial Design Programs across Europe and India: National Institute of Design, NID (India), Indian Institute of Technology, IIT-Delhi (India), Indian Institute of Technology, IIT-Guwahati (India), School of Planning and Architecture, SPA-New Delhi (India), Poli.Design-Milan (Italy), Industrial Design Centre HOWEST-Kortrijk (Belgium), ESAD-Matosinhos (Portugal), and the University of the Aegean-Syros (Greece).


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- Why is critical analysis essential to design process?, Shujoy Chakraborty; Dirk Loyens, 978-989-53907-3-1, Marta Miaskowska; Jeremy Hugh Aston; Marta Varzim, 2023

- Industrial design vs product design, Shujoy Chakraborty; Dirk Loyens, 9789893330241, Katja Tschimmel, 2022

- Product Design for the Circular Economy: A Design Process for Footwear, Shujoy Chakraborty; Dirk Loyens, ProDPM'21 Progress in digital and physical manufacturing, 2021, 15

- Humanizing Automation in The Design of The Industrial Kitchen of The Future -Strategies and Insights for Deploying Interactive Technologies in The European Luxury Dining Sector, Shujoy Chakraborty; Helena Barbosa; Pedro Lourenço; Ulisses Andrade; Vanessa Barradas, ISBN 978-4-600-00239, 4D-Meanings of Design in the Next Era, Osaka, Japan, 2019

- Impact of Digital Fabrication and Virtual Reality on Design Process -Application of Computational Design Tools to A Classical Design Project, Shujoy Chakraborty; Sérgio Lemos; Pedro Lourenço; Ulisses Andrade; Vanessa Barradas, 978-4-600-00239-8, 4D-Meanings of Design in the Next Era, Osaka, Japan, 2019, 9

- Applying Product Semantics to Benchmark Physical Properties of Product Characters Through Design Teaching: Strategies for Shape Coding., Shujoy Chakraborty, 978-981-10-3520-3, Research into Design for Communities: Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, 2017, 13 2

- Extracting Product Characters Which Communicate Eco-Efficiency: Application of Product Semantics to Design Intrinsic Features of Eco-Efficient Home Appliances, Shujoy Chakraborty, 978-81-322-1050-4, Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, ICoRD'13: Global Product Development, 2013, 13 1

- Using design driven innovation as a vehicle of eco sustainability in medium complexity products - the case of domestic whitegood appliances., Shujoy Chakraborty, ICoRD'11: 3rd International Conference on Research into Design Engineering, 2011, 9

- Developing product user interactions through design innovation for sustainability., Shujoy Chakraborty, 9781906093549, Sustainability in Design: Now! Challenges and Opportunities for Design Research, Education and Pract, 2010, 12

Academic Qualifications

- PhD in design, 2012, Politécnico di Milano

- Master Degree in design, 2008, Domus Academy

- Undergraduate Degree in arquitetura, 2007, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda (MSU)

Current Duties

- Director of the Master in -