Vanessa Quintal Cesário

Penteada University Campus , Floor 1, Office 1.101

(+351) 291 705 238 / 5238

I delve into the dynamic intersection of digital media and communication, fostering innovative and ethical approaches to storytelling and cultural connectivity.

Biographical Notes

Professor Vanessa Cesário is a distinguished academician with a deep expertise in Digital Media and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Holding a Ph.D. in Digital Media (Communications sciences and technology), a Master's in Cultural Management, and a Bachelor's in Communication, Culture, and Organizations, her academic and professional journey is marked by significant contributions to the fields of communication and technology.
In her current role, her teaching methodology is characterized by an emphasis on the integration of theoretical principles with practical applications, preparing students to navigate and excel in the dynamic landscape of modern communication.

Her research interests predominantly focus on HCI and communication within cultural heritage spaces, where she utilizes participatory design to foster engagement and preservation of cultural heritage through technological means. As a member of the Interactive Technologies Institute (ITI), her research is further enhanced by collaborations with international institutions, contributing to a diverse range of research areas.
Professor Cesário is recognized for her scholarly contributions to various international journals and conferences, especially in the realms of Communication, HCI, Interaction Design, and Cultural Heritage. Through her academic endeavors, she continuously seeks to explore and elucidate the complex interplay between technology, communication, and cultural heritage.

Professor Cesário's approach to education is not just about imparting knowledge; it's about inspiring students to leverage the power of communication and digital media to craft narratives that leave a lasting impact in our digital society.

*Google Scholar* profile with the latest scientific articles:


- The Integrated Museum Engagement Model (IMEM): Bridging Participatory Design, Immersive Storytelling, and Digital Representation for Enhanced Museum Experiences, Vanessa Cesário, Pedro Campos, 1835-2022, International Journal of the Inclusive Museum, 2024, 19

Academic Qualifications

- PhD in Media Digitais - Ciências da Comunicação e Tecnologia, 2020, Universidade do Porto

- Master Degree in Gestão Cultural, 2015, University of Madeira

- Undergraduate Degree in Comunicação, Cultura e Organizações, 2012, University of Madeira