Subject: International Marketing

Scientific Area:



64 Hours

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Overall objectives:

1 - The course introduces participants to the various aspects of international marketing in global markets with the principal objective of developing skills in the identification, analysis, and solution of problems encountered in global marketing operations. We examine the experience through global case studies. At the end of the course participants should be able to identify problems faced by the global marketing firm, analyse these problems within an appropriate framework, and provide solutions of value to company management. The course is, therefore, concerned with international marketing theories and concepts and the practice of international marketing in global markets.


1 - Seminar 1 Nature and Scope of International Marketing in Global Markets Seminar 2 Socio-Cultural Issues in International Marketing in Global Markets Seminar 3 Avoiding the Pitfalls of the Global Political Environment Seminar 4 International Marketing and the Legal Environment in Global Markets Seminar 5 Marketing Segmentation and Positioning in Global Markets Seminar 6 Global Competitive Analysis Seminar 7 Global Market Selection and Entry Decisions Seminar 8 Exporting Seminar 9 Licensing Seminar 10 Franchising Seminar 11 Strategic Alliances Seminar 12 Foreign Direct Investment Seminar 13 Acquisitions Seminar 14 Globalisation - driving factors and inhibitors Seminar 15 Product Decisions in Global Markets Seminar 16 Branding in Global Markets Seminar 17 Service Decisions in Global Markets Seminar 18 Marketing Communications in Global markets Seminar 19 Pricing in Global Markets Seminar 20 Distribution Decisions in Global Markets


Sean De Burca, Linden Brown, Richard Fletcher , 2004 , International Marketing: An SME Perspective ,

Assesssment methods and criteria:

Classification Type: Quantitativa (0-20)

Evaluation Methodology:
Assignment 1: Structured Assignment: Applying the Concepts; 40% (Case Studies Analysis and Class Presentations); Assignment 2: International Marketing in Action: Case Study Lessons;10%; Final Written examen; 50%