Subject: Image Processing, Digital Photography and Video

Scientific Area:

Visual Communication


64 Hours

Number of ECTS:

7,5 ECTS



Overall objectives:

1 - This curricular unit aims to introduce the elements of language, technical aspects and methodologies of production indispensable for an integrated and creative use of audiovisual through the means, today considered fundamental, of registration of the reality in the domain of still image and/ or movement.
2 - With theoretical and practical nature, this curricular unit is made of expository lectures, with explanation of contents through features such as pictures, films and audiovisual schemes, and with bibliographic support when needed. The practical work will be individual and/ or group. The activities are proposed and accompanied by the teacher.


1 - Module 1 - Camera: 1. A brief technical history of photography; 2. Basics of optics. Objectives, lenses, depth of field; 3. Basic lighting concepts. Light, sign, color temperature. Types of lighting and equipment; 4. The photographic language. Framing, composition and angle; 5. The photographic process. The digital media; 6. Image capture. Functions of the camera; 7. Cameras. Types and formats. Digital Peripherals; 8. Processing and image manipulation; 9. Practice Software: Adobe Photoshop.
2 - Module 2 - Video: 1. A brief technical history of film and video; 2.The film language and video specificity; 3. Framework, scale plans and camera angles; 4. Time, motion and sequence. Fixed plans and camera movements; 5. The audiovisual narrative; 5. The audiovisual narrative; 6. Image capture. Functions of the video camera; 7. Cameras. Types and formats. Auxiliary equipment; 8. The audio component. Sound-image relationship; 9. Montage/ Nonlinear Editing: Adobe Premiere.


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TAUSK, P , Historia de la fotografía en el siglo XX , Gustavo Gil
ANTUNES, J , Manual da Fotografia Digital , Porto Editora

Assesssment methods and criteria:

Classification Type: Quantitativa (0-20)

Evaluation Methodology:
1. Photography practical work: 40% (8 points); 2. Video practical work: 40% (8 points); 3. Global test: 20% (4 points). a) The student can only go to appeal exam after having completed a minimum of 60% of the overall evaluation. b) In the appeal exam, the student can only recover the first work and the global test (60%). c) The works will only be accepted up to two days after delivery date, being then subjected to a penalty (0,5 points for each day late) unless duly justified according to current regulation.

Subject Leader:

Pau Pascual Galbis