Subject: Literature, Culture and Media

Scientific Area:



82 Hours

Number of ECTS:

7,5 ECTS



Overall objectives:

1 - To historically articulate some concepts concerning the development of techniques and media of writing;
2 - To exercise capacity of thinking about the concepts of culture and literature, mediation and intertextuality in the contemporaneousness context;
3 - To critically reflect on various concepts related to the materiality of writing to memory, the role of the media in the history of culture and mediated culture;
4 - To analyze literary artefacts and / or media in the fields of cultural, literary and media studies nowadays.
5 - To develop and improve research techniques and critical, in depth and original thinking on cultural industries, namily on some artistic practices of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.


1 - From the pictographic writing to the visual dimension of typographic culture. 1.1. Literature, culture and media concepts. 1.2. Technological mediation. 1.3. Vegetable / mineral memory: The future of books" (U. Eco)
2 - The memory issue. 2.1. Phaedrus (Plato): the invention of writing, memory and re-memomerization 2.2. "Funes, the memoirist" (J. L. Borges): memory and amnesia 2.3. "Contemporary developments in memory" (J. Le Goff)
3 - Mediation and 'remediation': From letter to sound and from page to screen. 3.1. Communication and media in contemporary culture (Rodrigues) 3.2. The immateriality of language; the figuration of the text and words/moving images relationships (Steiner; Rodrigues). 3.3. Convergence (G. Landow) and 'remediation' (Bolter and Gromala)
4 - Literature and media: adaptation and 'remediation': prose: "The Treasure" (Eca de Queiroz); poetry: "Tobacco"(F. Pessoa); graphic narratives: the Town (G.M. Tavares); poetry and film: Unfinished Conversation (J. Botelho)


Rodrigues, Adriano Duarte , s.d. , O Campo dos media ? discursividade, narratividade, máquinas , Lisboa: Editorial Vega
Bolter, Jay David e Grusin, Richard , 1999 , Remediation. Understanding New Media , Cambridge (Mass): The MIT Press
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MITCHELL, W. J. T. , Picture theory, Londres e Chicago , Chicago Press
STEINER, G , O silêncio dos livros , Gradiva

Assesssment methods and criteria:

Classification Type: Quantitativa (0-20)

Evaluation Methodology:
Evaluation Model: A Lectures will have a particularly practical component - with reading and analyzing the different elements that constitute the corpus of the course programme ? accompanying this analysis with a critical thinking by the students, based on the theoretical bibliographic as a reference established for the discipline, with two mini-tests and an exam.