Subject: Technical and Computer Aided Drawing

Scientific Area:

Civil Engineering


80 Hours

Number of ECTS:

7,5 ECTS



Overall objectives:

1 - Seizure of basic knowledge of Technical Drawing as a language of communication in engineering.
2 - Seizure, application and development of basic knowledge relating to Computer Assited Design using the design platforms of 2D and 3D modeling of AutoDesk: AutoCad and Revit.
3 - Apprehension of knowledge related to basic rules of water and sewer building systems drawings, with application and development of a water predial system drawing in AutoCad.


1 - 1 Technical Design in Engineering: 1.1 Importance of Technical Drawing in Engineering. 1.2 Standard rules Applied to Technical Drawing. 1.3 Characterization of the types of plane projection. 1.4 Practice of orthogonal axonometric and multiple projection in freehand drawing. 1.5 Methodology of representation by using cuts and sections. 1.6. Technical dimensioning of Technical Drawing. 1.7. Freehand drawing.
2 - 2 Computer Assisted Design using the platform of Autodesk: Revit: 2.1 Technology BIM Building Information Model. 2.2 Introduction to the use of a graphics system: Representation in 3D. 2.3 Execution of architectural design.
3 - 3 Computer Assisted Design using the platform of AutoDesk: AutoCad: 3.1 Introduction to the use of a graphics system: 2D Representation. 3.2 Basic knowledge of rules related to drawing of water and sewerage predial systems with development in AutoCadof a water predial system drawing. 3.3 Execution of drawing of water building system after import and process plants, elevations and cuts.


CUNHA, L.V. , 2008 , Desenho técnico , Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
SILVA, A., DIAS, J., SOUSA, L. , 2001 , Desenho técnico moderno , LIDEL

Assesssment methods and criteria:

Classification Type: Quantitativa (0-20)

Evaluation Methodology:
3 projects related to the syllabus taught in the discipline - has to assess the student knowledge by conducting works that integrate various topics of the course. Allow students to develop skills for development work in the field of Technical and Computer Assisted Drawing, evaluating their performance and changing strategies if necessary, during the semester. The projects are developed in the period of lessons (Normal Season of evaluation). In this U.C. the moments of evaluation related to the Resource and the Special Seasons do not apply. Projects delivered after the date set (limit 1 week delay) will have a reduction in the evaluation grade. In case of doubt regarding the autonomous work developed by the student in the project(s) an oral exam will be performed.