Subject: Web Based Development

Scientific Area:



80 Hours

Number of ECTS:

7,5 ECTS



Overall objectives:

1 - 1. Provide the students with a global image of available technologies for web based development, in particular.
2 - 2. Promote skills in team work regarding web applications development, for the real world, based on the MVC arquitecture


1 - 1. Introduction to web based development
2 - 2. Formatting and presentation
3 - 3. Client side scripting
4 - 4. Server side scripting
5 - 5. Architectures for web-based development
6 - 6. REST frameworks
7 - 7. Server side frameworks
8 - 8. Client side scripting ? frameworks and tools
9 - 9. Advanced Server side Scripting


Abreu, Luís , 2012 , HTML5 - 2ª Edição Atualizada e Aumentada. , FCA Editora
Abreu, Luís, Carreiro, João P , 2013 , JavaScript (2ª Edição Atualizada) , FCA Editora
Dagfinn, Reirsøl, Marcus, Baker, Chris Shiflett , 2000 , PHP in Action: Objects, Design, Agility , Manning Publications Co
Syed, Basarat , Beguinning Node.js , Apress
Marty Stepp, Jessica Miller, Victoria Kirst , 2013 , Web Programming Step by Step. (2nd Edition) , s/ed

Assesssment methods and criteria:

Classification Type: Quantitativa (0-20)

Evaluation Methodology:
Theoretical classes in which the general technology concepts are presented. Student participation is promoted with open questions. Small examples are used to exemplify the concepts part of the class program. Theoretical practical classes in which is concept is exemplified with a practical exercise. Besides these examples the TP classes also cumulatively built a project. Discussion classes in which the students present one of the different class assignments part of the class evaluation parameters. Evaluation Two individual test in normal season(35%); Two projects assignments to be developed te be developed in teams of 3 students each: This project will start with a simple concept, and the students will have to perform research, requirements elicitation, specification and implementation of feasible web solution. (30% + 20%) One article plus tutorial assignment to be developed in groups of 3, this article should be focused in a web development technology (15%)