Subject: Foreign Language A1.2 French

Scientific Area:



64 Hours

Number of ECTS:




Overall objectives:

1. - The contents of the Foreign Language, French A1 are divided into six distinct units (twelve lessons) according to the twelve correspondent themes or topics. Therefore the contents of the Foreign Language, French A1.1. are divided into three units (six lessons) according to six correspondants topics. The vocabulary, the grammar, the pronunciation, the reading and the writing are progressively introduced to every lesson of the correspondent units. The importance in this level is the close association between the different activities : oral, written and understanding ones: communication skills in the language of learning.


1. - Lesson FOUR : Grammar
1.2. - Lesson FOUR BIS : Situations : "Do you speak French?"
1.3. - - Readings : "Student's life". "In France..."
1.4. - - "Autumn's song : "Seasons'pleasure" : poem from Paul Verlaine
1.6. - Grammar
1.6.1. - - Different negative forms (verbs, negative phrases, etc)
1.6.2. - - Conjugation of regular and irregular verbs
1.6.3. - - Adjectives, their positions and variabilities in gender and number
1.6.4. - - Particular expressions
1.6.5. - - Definite and indefinite articles
2. - - Lesson FIVE : Grammar
2.1. - - Lesson FIVE BIS : Situations : "TU ou Vous"
2.2. - - Readings : "Seasons' pleasure"
3. - - Lesson SIX Observations : This lesson will be realised in case of the students'level. (The personal pronouns "accentués", the comparative of adjectives, the verbe "to know", the relative pronoun, the two verbs used consecutively, the "near future", the nouns of professions after "to be".
4. - Lesson SIX BIS : This lesson will be realised in case of the students'level. Situations : My family, your family Reading : Michèle's letter to her American friend Different activities : Writing and speaking


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Assesssment methods and criteria:

Classification Type: Quantitativa (0-20)

Evaluation Methodology:
Methods of Teaching : Multi-approach - Don't use the students' mother tongue (Portugese) - Expositive classes, theories and practices at the same time with the presentation in Power Point (videoprojector) - Use of the Internet: cultural activities (pictures, geographical maps, authentical texts, etc.) - Discussion according to various topics and/or the theoretical contents - Readings and discussions - Oral presentations / workshops - Games (Objects description, personal portraits, etc. Gests - Use of dictionaries (Portuguese / French - Dialoges simulation Assessment of the students' learning: The students' assessment or the skills' acquisitions regarding the French language knowledge of French A1.2 (Elementary level) is through the regular assessment with 3 frequencies 33% each and 1 point to the final average with optional project, and one point to the final average if oral participation.