Subject: Contemporary Portuguese Culture

Scientific Area:

Culture Studies


64 Hours

Number of ECTS:




Overall objectives:

1 - The curricular unit addresses collective great moments, realizations, experienced topics and problematics in Portuguese society over the 19th and 20th centuries, with its objectives to enhance/optimize a deep understanding about the invoked periods of time and a clear cultural awareness of the present. Therefore, identifying and describing some of these most defining moments will be sought of with the Portuguese contemporary culture; - encourage the learning of subjects which constitute the syllabus; stimulate the reflection and the critique about the syllabus topics. - The students are to be able to perceive the historical and cultural knowledge about the contemporary world and its changes; develop the pleasure/interest for the multidisciplinary study in showing willingness to read entirely works and the appetite or strong desire for the research about them and/or about topics which are close, such as painting or cinema.


1 - From the Liberal Revolution as regards the question of romantism/s and of national awarenes. Texts and contexts.
2 - From Realism to Naturalism in Portugal to other ends of problematics and to idea of decadence.
3 - Modernism(s): generational and sociocultural configurations - continuities, variabilities and ruptures.
4 - Modernity /ies and passage/trip through times : revisitings. Conflict(s) and Resistence.


BUESCU, Helena e CERDEIRA Teresa Cristina (coord.) , 2011 , Literatura Portuguesa e a Construção do Passado e do Futuro , Casal de Cambra, Caleidoscópio
FRANÇA, José Augusto, , 1993 , O Romantismo em Portugal , Lisboa, Livros Horizonte
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REAL, Miguel, , 2011 , Introdução à Cultura Portuguesa , Lisboa, Planeta,
LOURENÇO, Eduardo , 2012 , Portugal como destino: Dramaturgia cultural portuguesa, in Portugal como Destino seguido de Mitologia da Saudade , Lisboa, Gradiva
MACHADO, A. Manuel , 1977 , A Geração de 70 - Uma Revolução Cultural e Literária , Lisboa, Biblioteca Breve/Instituto de Cultura Portuguesa
SERRÃO, Joel , 1990 , Da Regeneração à República , Lisboa, Livros Horizonte
PIRES, António Machado , 1992 , A Ideia de Decadência na Geração de 70 , Lisboa, Vega

Assesssment methods and criteria:

Classification Type: Quantitativa (0-20)

Evaluation Methodology:
The teaching methodology takes into account the theoretical and expository components, although dialog with the students is also opened in case of any queries. The theoretical and practical lectures will have more practical and interactive components as they take account of reading and research work about expository taught lessons/lectures. The tutorial classes introduce more reflective and argumentative components in which the students will present and discuss the data collected with the aim of the achievement of the textbook. The syllabus contents are to be subjected to the periodical assessment as for the acquired knowledge evaluation of the students, the intellectual autonomy, the critical capacity and the spirit of synthesis of the students. Two tests: (2x 50%)