Subject: Pedagogical Initiation Internship in Normal Anatomy

Scientific Area:

Anatomia e Biologia Celular/Ciências Funcionais


20 Hours

Number of ECTS:




Overall objectives:

Accompany the Anatomy student of Modules II-I and II-II, from the 1st year, in closer contact, and in a perspective of helping to solve the difficulties experienced by the students, in their learning process in Anatomy.
Develop pedagogical skills within the scope of Anatomy and involve the student monitor, in a proactive intervention in the improvement of the Teaching of Anatomy in the Basic Cycle of Medicine at the University of Madeira.
Sensitize the student to a research and publication methodology in Anatomy.


Anatomy Program for Modules II-I and II-II



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Bibliografia Complementar


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Assesssment methods and criteria:

1. The appreciation of a report to be prepared by the student on an A4 sheet (not exceeding the front and back). The report must be succinct and contain a critical appraisal of the internship performed; the contribution given by the monitor to the concrete resolution of the difficulties of the students under his supervision; provision of suggestions for improving the teaching of anatomy at CBM-UMa.
2. The average between the information obtained from the assistants of the practical classes.

3. A short final presentation on a free topic of Anatomy, (topic prepared in class for the help of students in the current year, publication topic on anatomy, of relevant interest to students, etc.), not exceeding 10 minutes of exposure. The exhibition will take place in a Workshop or Webinar, to be held at the end of the school year, on a date and under conditions to be agreed, according to the evolution of the pandemic situation of COVID 19.


The partial classifications will be made with rounding to the tenths and the final classification will be rounded up to the units.