Subject: Dissertation

Scientific Area:



200 Hours

Number of ECTS:




Overall objectives:

1 - To acquire specialised knowledge in a scientific sub-area of Biology.
2 - To develop the ability to analyse, understand and solve problems resulting from research work.
3 - To apply acquired knowledge and skills developed (1st year courses), as well as the capacity to search for new knowledge and data.
4 - To develop skills/competences resulting from integration into research teams/ .
5 - To achieve the planned and scheduled goals/tasks /objectives.
6 - To publish the results obtained in the form of scientific research paper.
7 - To publicly present the results.


1 - This course comprises the development of a dissertation, of an experimental or descriptive nature. The subjects correspond to the different subareas of Biology but although they should be located in the scientific area of Biology they can be realised in the interface with the other sciences.


N/A , Bibliografia específica conforme o tema da dissertação. ,

Assesssment methods and criteria:

Classification Type: Quantitativa (0-20)

Evaluation Methodology:
The evaluation of this course obeys to the existent legislation for the award of the Master degrees. It is also regulated by the "Specific Regulation for the 2nd cycle in Applied Biology".