Subject: Project

Scientific Area:



37 Hours

Number of ECTS:




Overall objectives:

1 - This course includes the proposal of a thesis project that will include the elaboration of a bibliographic revision on a specific theme, a state of the art, methods to be used and both detail tasks and calendarization. Students need to prepare, guided through Tutorial classes (with a specific teacher, a thesis project that will be presented, discussed and evaluated in seminar classes, during these classes students will also have opportunity to participate in the discussion of projects of his colleagues.


1 - On the preparation of a master's thesis.
1.1 - Internal standards of the University of Madeira.
1.2 - Deadlines and legal aspects.
1.3 - Publication of results.
2 - Elaboration of the dissertation project.
2.1 - State of Art.
2.2 - Hypotheses of study.
2.3 - Proposed applied methodologies.
2.4 - Calendar and tasks to be developed.
2.5 - Expected results.
2.6 - References.
3 - Preparation of the project presentation.


H ECO , 2003 , Como se faz uma tese em Ciências Humanas , Presença
MURRAY, R. , 2009 , How to write a Thesis , Berkshire : Open University Press
ROBERT, A. , 1998 , How to write & publish a scientific paper , Cambridge University Press
Holmes, G., Moody, P., Dine, D. & Trueman, L. , 2017 , Research Methods for the Biosciences , Oxford University Press

Assesssment methods and criteria:

Classification Type: Quantitativa (0-20)

Evaluation Methodology:
The classes proposed for this course correspond to lectures (2H) related to the presentation of objectives, contents and legal aspects; and to seminar classes where students will present their projects. These are the result of autonomous work of the students under tutorial orientation (20H) during which the students will present the progress obtained in the various phases of the project preparation and will receive guidance from the tutor on the work produced. Presentation and discussion of the project (50%), project evaluation (50%).