Subject: Service Design

Scientific Area:



80 Hours

Number of ECTS:

7,5 ECTS



Overall objectives:

1 - During this course students will learn how to think systemically and holistically about services. Stude nts will learn how to map the territory of their design brief and extract models that will help them to illustrate, create a nd analyse their design concept.The students will then learn how to communicate their concept, prototype it, refine it and deliver a final presentation to the cliente. Students will also learn how to draft a basic business model.


1 - Definition
2 - Discovery
3 - Framework and strategy
4 - Create and express (service innovations)
5 - Refine and evaluate
6 - Business model draft and socialize (reflect and communicate)


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Assesssment methods and criteria:

Classification Type: Quantitativa (0-20)

Evaluation Methodology:
Students are introduced to the subjects by means of lectures, then work in teams, where during studio classes their work is critiqued, furthermore, they are asked to deliver a regular presentation of their progress in communal sessions to the teacher, to the class and client. The evaluation is divided among presentations 30%, final video communication piece, 30% final report, 40%

Subject Leader:

Marko Radeta