Nota Informativa nº 9.R.2020 – prolongamento da atual situação de exceção

Dear members of the Academy,

Although there is still no projected date for the end of the exception measures arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is already clear from the statements made by national and regional leaders and, by the Prime Minister, that there will be an extension of the current exceptional situation, probably until the end of May.

In this context, foreseeing that the period of suspension of in-person teaching activities will continue beyond the date of April 13th, mentioned in our informative note no. 5 of March 13th, 2020, and taking into account the exceptionality of the current situation, the University of Madeira will extend and reinforce the guidelines that have been issued, or will issue others, whenever necessary.

Specifically, as of now:

1) All curricular units shall continue to be taught on a non-presential basis, with the exception of those components where that is not possible (such as certain laboratory classes, field trips or traineeships);

2) All curricular units that are not yet being taught in a non-presential regime should be taught in this regime as soon as possible;

3) As a rule, videoconferencing should take place at the same time which was scheduled for face-to-face teaching;

4) We will continue to provide training and support on non-presential education for teaching staff who need it.

5) It will fall under the degree directors' responsibility to monitor the teaching of the various curricular units in order to identify problems and find or propose the most appropriate solutions;

6) Students with insurmountable difficulties of access to non-presential education shall report them to their degree director, by e-mail, with cc to the e-mail address, in charge of the Vice-Rector for academic affairs, Custódia Drumond;

7) Following the ongoing initiatives, in Higher Education, within the fight against Covid-19, released by the Office of the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education and sent to the Students, we hereby inform you that in accordance with the Regulation of scholarships awarding to students in higher education (Order no. 5404/2017, of 21 June), emergency aid of an exceptional nature may be granted in the event of particularly serious economic situations occurring during the school year which do not fall within the scope of the normal scholarship procedure.

Thus and in the use of this legal and institutional framework in force, in the event of proven cases of serious and punctual economic deprivation, students shall request the granting of emergency aid (Art. 22), in a substantiated and documented manner, through a request addressed to the Rector, to the electronic address:

The subject of the email shall include Candidatura a Auxílio de Emergência (Application for Emergency Aid). In the body of the email, the following information should be included: complete identification of the student (study cycle, student number and other identifying elements). The student shall also explain, substantiate and document his/her request, as well as indicate a telephone contact for further interaction with the Social Support Office of the Social Services of the University of Madeira

Further clarifications shall be requested to the Social Services of the University of Madeira, see contacts at

8) The Presidents of the organic units, together with the Presidents of the Pedagogical, University and Polytechnic Councils, and the degree directors, will analyse ways of overcoming the problems that are occurring, and will formulate proposals to the proper bodies regarding the forms of evaluation and the reprogramming of the components that cannot have non-presential teaching;

9) Considering the current constraints and limitations, the school calendar is expected to extend until the end of July;

10) The rules on closure and access to the premises shall be maintained. For exceptional situations, which require travel to the buildings, prior authorisation, stating the reasons, should be requested by email to the following address:

After almost two weeks of this period of exception, I would like to begin by thanking the teaching staff for the enormous effort they are making in the change from face-to-face teaching to off-site teaching. I also want to express my gratitude to students, who are expected to adapt quickly and effectively to the new teaching/learning process. The response of higher education to this crisis has exceeded most expectations, showing that the Academy has fully understood the exceptionality of the situation

I would also like to thank all non-teaching staff, without exception, for keeping the institution running. A very special word to all SASUMa workers, especially those who are ensuring the functioning of the canteen and of the university residence, and to the IT support team, which is being called upon to make an extra effort.

Academic greetings,
The Rector

José Carmo