Eduardo Manuel de Almeida Leite

Penteada University Campus , Floor -1

(+351) 291 705 180 / 5180

No to laugh, not to lament, not to detest, but to understand (Baruch Spinoza, 1632-1677)

Biographical Notes

Eduardo Leite, Ph.D., serves as an Assistant Professor at Universidade da Madeira, holding a doctoral degree in Management from Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro. His academic journey is marked by a profound commitment to research, teaching, and transformative leadership.
With a research focus spanning Entrepreneurship and Management, Dr. Leite has not only participated in numerous European-funded projects but has also pioneered the establishment of over 10 scientific journals. Two of these journals are indexed in Scopus and Web of Science, while a third is affiliated with SciELO FCT, showcasing his dedication to advancing cutting-edge knowledge in these fields.
Notably, within a span of 1.5 years, Dr. Leite achieved significant milestones. As a coordinator, he successfully secured funding for two prestigious Horizon Europe projects. The "HORIZON-MISS-2023-CLIMA-01" project, with a total funding of EUR 9,528,926.75, focuses on Geologically Enhanced Nature-based Solutions for climate change resilience in critical water infrastructure. Simultaneously, the "HORIZON-WIDERA-2022-ERA-01-51" project, with a total funding of EUR 3,197,192, centers around an Entrepreneurial & Innovative Universities Acceleration Programme.
In addition to his academic achievements, Dr. Leite holds several management and coordination positions at Universidade da Madeira, currently serving as the Vice President of the Higher School of Technologies and Management. His professional journey is marked by unique facets, including being an entrepreneur and the first former professional soccer player in Portugal to attain a doctoral title.
Moreover, Dr. Leite is the driving force behind the creation of the OSEAN (Outermost Regions Sustainable Ecosystem for Entrepreneurship and Innovation) research group.


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Academic Qualifications

- PhD in Gestão, 2013, Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro

Current Duties

- Director of the Higher Technical Professionals Degree in -

- Director of the Degree in -

- Vice-Presidente of the Escola Superior de Tecnologias e Gestão