Subject: Communication Office

Scientific Area:



80 Hours

Number of ECTS:

7,5 ECTS



Overall objectives:

1 - To understand the importance of communication and, especially, the press office in the promotion of the interests of the organization, the media and the citizens
2 - To contextualise the role of communication in corporate management and harmonising its agendas with the agendas of other actors (social, political, economic and cultural)
3 - To know the press office activity and its main tools , including the responsibilities of the press secretary
4 - To recognize the needs and opportunities, and implement strategic actions of communication directed to internal and external publics in the organization
5 - To understand the strategic importance of digital media and social networks.
6 - To know the communication procedures to be adopted in crisis management


1 - 1. The importance of the Communication Office- a differentiated communication tool
2 - Strategy and Communication Plans
3 - Communication Office Strategies.
4 - Fundamental Tools of the Press Office
5 - Media Training
6 - Event Planning
7 - Internal Communication
8 - Communication on Social Networks
9 - Crisis Communication
10 - Ethics and code of conduct of the Press Secretary


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Assesssment methods and criteria:

Classification Type: Quantitativa (0-20)

Evaluation Methodology:
The Unit has a practical nature and students must regularly present empirical work of press relations that reflect the theoretical knowledge taught. The classes, based in interactive and participatory methods, will give the students the critical thinking and media relations techniques that will enable them to adopt different communication profiles and to perform several exercises in accordance with the objectives sought (ex: press releases; contingency plans, crisis communication in digital media content, etc). Evaluation: Written Exam (50%), the whole set of weekly individual exercises (25%) and Written Exercise (25%).