Subject: Practical Studies I - Athletics

Scientific Area:

Sport Sciences


48 Hours

Number of ECTS:




Overall objectives:

1 - Understand and explain athletics, using a structuring of knowledge (integrated knowledge from different areas), allowing personalized management in different sports markets.
2 - Identify, understand and explain, with regard to Athletics:
2.1 - The nature of the most diverse and representative perspectives, concepts, practices and corresponding paradigms, which seek to explain the global framework and the specific and specific nature of the modality;
2.2 - The global and specific dynamics, as well as the most diverse critical aspects that distinguish it from the other Sport Modalities;
2.3 - The history, evolution and prospects of development.


1 - The role and importance of Athletics in the overall process of Sport Activities.
2 - The organization of competitions. The specialties and the forms of competition. The regulations. Security issues.
3 - The performance as objective - technical / tactical / strategic dimension in races (speed, relay, half-barriers, and background), march, jumps (long, triple, tall and stick); releases (weight, disc, hammer and Javelin):
3.1 - The reciprocal conditioning between technical / tactical / strategic developments and the evolution of materials and the adaptation of regulations;
3.2 - The current techniques and the most relevant variables and their indicators.
3.3 - The classifications of its operability;
4 - The combined tests: Decathlon and heptathlon. Operational Implications.
5 - Analysis of situations in different contexts. Diagnosis, prescription and control.


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Assesssment methods and criteria:

Classification Type: Quantitativa (0-20)

Evaluation Methodology:
Through a set of theoretical-practical experiences, the specific contents of Athletics (races, march, heels and releases) are analyzed, namely, analyzing the situations arising from their specificity, from the perspective of the formulation of relations between the different technical disciplines. Identifying still the dominant characteristics that embody each one, in order to formulate the relationships that will exist among its most diverse forms of expression. Always having the concern of creating habits of study, research and observation, the evaluation is carried out through written tests (50%), research and observation works with oral exposition (25%) and multimedia expression and analysis of the situations carried out in class (25%).