Subject: Methodology of Scientific Work

Scientific Area:



64 Hours

Number of ECTS:




Overall objectives:

1 - As the Studies of Culture concerns the interdisciplinar course in which culture, linguistics, history and literature are intersected, this curricular unit provides the students to develop the basic necessary skills to the scientific course of investigation of quality. Therefore, lectures will be ensured by teachers from different areas referred aiming at provididing the students with a set of knowledge from the practical point of view related to, not only the production of scientific research, but also with the preparation of projects in the professional context.


1 - Research in the genesis of the critical fundamentation of knowledge: the one of acculumulated knowledge to individual discovery
1.1 - Documentary research issue in the context of the investigation process
1.2 - Considerations about the written approach: specificities of technical and scientific communications
2 - Localisation of documentos: diverse categoriesA localização dos documentos: various and complementary natures/typesr
2.1 - Work in libraries and archives
2.2 - Research of Internet issue
3 - Recollecting and organization: diversity of options and coherence of work to achieve
3.1 - Bio-bibliographical worksheets
3.2 - Reading worksheets
3.3 - Technique of abstract
3.4 - Critical books review
3.5 - Field research report
3.6 - Concept and application of survey, of interviews, and observation charts


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Assesssment methods and criteria:

Classification Type: Quantitativa (0-20)

Evaluation Methodology:
Lectures combine both theoretical and practical components: oral presentation in theory will be consolidated with the practical work. The curricular unit is also planned lectures of oral presentation of work individually with the final collective intervention. The students are to plan their study, to identify the objective as well, to problematize the hypothesis or issues, to elaborate the required types of work by the teacher, such as to train how to carry out abstracts and how to write comments, how to constitute bibliography; the students are also to organize a plan, collect and establich textual corpus so that they could elaborate a written work and to carry out collective propitious debates and ideas. Assessment consists of achieving abstracts/critical reviews of surveys and of interviews (25%); a report about field research (25%) and an individual work; concerning the lectures, the focus has to be on a topic which constitutes an abstract, an indicator and bibliography: (50%).