Subject: Applied German B2.1 - Business Communication

Scientific Area:

Foreign Language


64 Hours

Number of ECTS:

7,5 ECTS



Overall objectives:

1 - This course places a sharp focus on communicative competence and guides in language and communication in professional life.
2 - Students will be required to- have an active, independent and creative classes in of this course. For this goal to be achieved it is very important your Training and paying attention to language (language awareness), the contrastive reflection on language and intercultural approach. complementary authentic material will be available to the student and worked throughout the semester.


1 - Enhancing the language skills already acquired in previous years.
2 - New language skills: Passive Voice, prepositional pronouns, future.
3 - Comprehension questions, ask and give information, news and conversations on the phone in everyday situations and, above all, professional.
4 - Preparation and presentation of communicative practices such as scheduling, meetings, interviews
5 - Take relevant information from written texts of intermediate difficulty.
6 - Writing curriculum, letters and e-mail official / commercial


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Assesssment methods and criteria:

Classification Type: Quantitativa (0-20)

Evaluation Methodology:
Teaching Methodologies: Students work in class meetings mainly in the following three variants: individual work, partner work and group work. Students also have to talk individually to the rest of the class when they have to inform the class about their partner work or group work. The first oral test will be with a partner (f. ex. a job interview) and the second group work (f. ex. a project presentation). Directed teaching (teacher students) only takes place when it is necessary to explain the complexity of some language features, or because the first explanation was not clear enough, or because students request further information. Evaluation: - It follows the Learning Assessment Regulations Students UMa (Model B). - 80% of compulsory attendance to classes - 2 written exams 2 hours each (40% each) and two oral tests (10% each). The final grade is the average note of the outcome of the four stages of evaluation. To pass the course, a final grade has a required minimum of 9.5. - In Resource Period shall be admitted students with regular status (N) meeting the conditions to carry out a test feature or improvement score of one of the elements of evaluation (written test, 40%). - Students with worker-student status may resit the test (written test, 80%). - The oral component (20%) can not be recovered in the test / grade improvement.