Subject: Sociology of Education

Scientific Area:



43 Hours

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Overall objectives:

It is intended in this curricular unit the acquisition of an intelligibility and critical thinking in relation to major perspectives and their theoreticians in the area of  sociology of education. This study will be supported both by the results of investigations carried out in educational settings, either by critical analysis of texts of selected authors. It is also important to note that this curricular unit is guided by a conceptual and epistemological pluralism currently has characterized the contemporary sociology of educational organizations and from this perspective, it is recognized that it makes no sense today isolation and problems between paradigms.
Next to the analysis of educational reality, it is intended to reveal some aspects that highlight the inequalities of the education system, as well as the problems currently affecting the stakeholders in the school context. This approach aims to raise awareness and allow a focused reflection of the diversity institutions, contexts and players with the aim of providing planning plausible and consistent solutions, supported by theoretical and conceptual frame of reference.


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Introduction to Sociology; concept, evolution and method.

The Socialization.Education Social Construction.

Sociological perspectives and operational concepts:Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, Karl Marx.

Pierre Bourdieu and Jean-Claude Passeron - The impact of social and cultural inequalities in educational achievement.Christian Baudelot and Roger Establet: the school as breeding class structure.

Social and political challenges of contemporary education:The role of physical education in school education Concept of equality in education.Formal equality and real equality; between theory and practice.

Promoting equality of performance in the context of Physical Education.

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Assesssment methods and criteria:

1. Um teste com a ponderação de 50 %.

1. Um trabalho (50%)

   Escrita (25%)

   Apresentação oral (10%) suporte digital

   Cassificação individual (15%)

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