Subject: Commercial and Corporate Law

Scientific Area:



64 Hours

Number of ECTS:




Overall objectives:

The US aims to provide students with an overview of the legal regime applicable to business activity and to commercial companies, either in external aspects concerning the transactions of goods and services, either in perspective of operation and internal organization. 

1.Identify rigorously key concepts in the area of commercial law and corporate and develop key skills for the practical implementation of the issues of commercial law and corporate 
2.Apply knowledge and legal concepts related to legal and business reality in solving simple cases, by applying the relevant legal provisions 3.Appply, develop and communicate knowledge acquired in the exercise of official duties seeking to develop oral exposure of students 
4. Identify relatively quickly legislation and regulatory frameworks applicable to a particular case and practical


1. Introductory concepts.
Concept of Commercial and Corporate Law.
Sources of Commercial and Corporate Law.
The act of trade and the rules of the acts and commercial obligations.
2. The legal forms of business and its main features.
The commercial entrepreneur.
Obtaining marketer of quality.
3. The company or business establishment.
4. Forms of cooperation and partnership between companies
5. The commercial procurement
6. The Insolvency and recovery of companies.
7. Further Understanding Labor Law: The employment relationship: rights and duties.
Types of employment contracts
8. Credit Titles


Código das Sociedades Comerciais - qualquer edição não anotada.

CUNHA, Paulo Olavo; Direito das Sociedades Comerciais, 5a edição, Almedina, 2012. 

Assesssment methods and criteria:

I - prova de Frequência - 50%

II - trabalho - 50%