Subject: Hosting Operations

Scientific Area:

Hotels and Restaurants


48 Hours

Number of ECTS:




Overall objectives:

- Provide the acquisition of technical skills to perform tasks in the tourism industry.


- To train professionals with high technical quality that can respond and understand the field of tourism, through the domain of concepts related to the management of accommodation, to ensure quality in the provision of tourism services.


Understanding the main concepts within the operational reality of a hotel, from the structure to the basic techniques of organisation and operation of a hotel unit. Starting from accommodation to maintenance, through commercialisation and ending in maintenance and safety, the student should understand and master in the practical theoretical area a set of techniques as they work from the point of view of the allocation of human and technical resources these same departments


- Concepts, Structure and Organization and classifications of Accommodation Units (consolidation).

- Operating operations and Front Office and Back Office Management - Reservations.

2.1  - Basic concepts;

2.2  - Room types, rates and discounts;

2.3  - Reservation systems;

2.3.1  - Yield Management;

2.3.2  - Communication, Service, Posture and hospitality Ethics;

2.3.3  - Customers file/Black List;

2.3.4  - Contracts with travel agents, to

2.5  - Special situations in reservations/VIPs;

2.5.1  - Claims;

2.6 - Travel agency reservations/Group reservations.

3  - Check-in.

3.1  - Guest registration;

3.2  - Payment methods and stay guarantees.

4  - Check-out.

4.1  - Last-minute spend;

4.2  - Presentation and bill collection;

4.3  - Communication and coordination with other hotel services;

4.4  - Nigth Auditor.

- Reports.

- New Hotel


7- The Apartmentsur operators, complementary tour service companies;

2.4  - Orders, changes, cancellations and booking cancellations;

? Organisation of resources

? Specific tasks and tasks of staff

? Housekeeper?s profile and mission

? Techniques and functions of housekeepers

 ? Interdepartmental relations


8 Laundry and Clothing

? Organisation and planning

? Tasks and documents

? Equipment and material

? Turkish and flax

? The area of customers


9 The Economato and the Cellar

? Definition and introduction

? Organisation and constitution of the department

? Functions and tasks

? Areas, equipment and implementation


10 Cooking Organisation and Planning

? The areas of work, division and distribution.

? Tasks and work

? Human resources organisation

? Role of management

? The running of the service

? Equipment and utensils and their distribution by zones


11 Restoration Services

? General of the service

? Types of service

? Departmental constitution

? Organisation and functions

? Planning of tasks

? Documentation and control of the operation

? Invoicing and interdepartmental connections


12 Maintenance and Conservation

? Organisation and functions

? External hotel services

? Current trends


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Assesssment methods and criteria:

The evaluation of the curricular unit will be carried out based on the following: Tests; Group work ? Presentation in class; Performance, interest, participation.