Subject: Blended Comunication

Scientific Area:

General Management


10 Hours

Number of ECTS:




Overall objectives:

To conceive and apply the general aspects of a integrated communication plan. Learning outcomes: 1. Articulate communication strategy with marketing strategy 2. Prepare communication strategy 3. Planning, elaboration and evaluate specific communication actions: Advertising, Sales Promotion, Merchandising, Direct Marketing, Public Relations and Sponsoring 4. Explain and Discuss an Integrated Communication Plan


1. From Marketing Strategy to Communication Strategy
2. Communication Strategy - Communication targets - Communication goals - Communication mix - Message
3. Communication Mix - The role of Marketing mix communication - Marketing mix variables
3.1. Advertising
3.2. Direct Marketing
3.3. Merchandising
3.4. Public Relations
3.5. Sponsoring
3.6. Sales promotion
4. Comunication Integrated Plan.


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Assesssment methods and criteria:

In addition to strict compliance with the program regulation, the periodical evaluation method requires a minimum class attendance of 60% and:
- An assignment (individual or in group) with a weight of X%;
- An individual test, with a weight of Y% and a minimum grade of 10 points. Alternatively, the final exam, similarly to phase two exams, will account for 100% of the final grade, disregarding the continuous assessment component.