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Nota Biográfica

José S. Câmara is a Professor at the Chemistry Department of the University of Madeira (UMa), Funchal, Portugal, and a senio Researcher at CQM (Madeira Chemistry Research Centre, research unit (Excellent, FCT international Evaluation). Currently is President of the Food Chemistry group from the Portuguese Chemical Society and a member of the Direction Board of CQM. He got his degree in Chemistry from the University of Coimbra and his PhD degree in Chemistry (specialization in Analytical Chemistry) from UMa in 2004. He is co-authored up to 178+ papers in an international journal with animpact factor (hi=48; i10: 119: Number of citations >7600) (Google Scholar); is co-author of 11 book chapters., and presented over 430 Communications (oral and poster) in International and National scientific Conferences. Is involved in the supervision of PhD and MSc thesis in addition to the coordination of several research projects. His research interests are mainly focused on the development of miniaturization extraction techniques with application in food analysis namely on food bioactive and secondary metabolites, food molecular markers, and food authenticity. Moreover, has developed projects supported on OMIC platforms ¿ metabolomics, proteomics, volatomics, as useful tools to detect potential cancer biomarkers, namely breast, lung, and colorectal cancers. He is a regular referee of several scientific journals, including J. Chromatogr. A, J. Chromatogr. B, Talanta, Food Chem.; J. Food Compos. Anal.; Anal. Chimica Acta, Molecules, Metabolites; among others; ( He is a member of the Editorial Board of Molecules (MDPI). (Section: Analytical Chemistry), Foods (MDPI); Associate Editor of the Journal of Integrated-OMICS (JIOMICS), ISSN 2182-0287; member of Editorial Board of International Journal of Spectroscopy. Hindawi Publishing Corporation; He is Guest Editor of Special Issues in Molecules (MDPI); Foods (MDPI), Food Nutrition (Frontiers).


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Habilitações Académicas

- Doutoramento em Química, 2004, Universidade da Madeira

Cargos Atuais

- Diretor de Curso do Mestrado em Bioquímica Aplicada -