Publication Date: 02/02/2023

Applications for International Students 2023/2024 - Masters Degrees

Applications for International Students for master’s Degrees, the academic year 2023/2024

Online application
Submit your application here (choose the EN language for the online English application form).
More information and prior verification of the application process (recommended), at the International Student Office (Gabinete do Estudante Internacional (GEI)), or schedule a Teams meeting at

Application deadline:
January: until February 24 17, 2023
April: April 3-24, 2023

- Students who do not have Portuguese nationality
- Students who are not eligible:
a. Nationals of an EU member state;
b. The family members of Portuguese nationals or nationals of an EU member state, regardless of their nationality, thus considered under the terms of Law No. 37/2006, of August 9;
c. Those who, although not nationals of an EU member state, have been residing legally in Portugal for more than two years, uninterruptedly, on January 1st of the year in which they intend to enter higher education, as well as their children who live with them legally;
d. Those who are beneficiaries, on January 1st of the year they intend to enter higher education, of equal status of rights and duties assigned under an international treaty granted between the Portuguese State and the State of which they are nationals;
e. Those who apply for higher education through the special access and entry regimes regulated by decree-law no. 393-A/99, of October 2, as amended by decree-law no. 272/2009, of October 1;
f.  Foreign students who are at the University of Madeira under an international mobility programme for the completion of part of a study cycle, with whom the University of Madeira has established an exchange agreement for this purpose.
- Students with dual nationality, where one of them is Portuguese or from another EU member state, are barred from applying to this competition. 

Fees and Charges
Application: €30,00
Complaint: €50,00
Enrolment fee: €20,00

Tuition fees 
See Annex 1 of the notice. To be paid in full or in 10 instalments, the first to be paid with the enrolment fee and the others to be paid according to the Regulation in force.

Required documents 
a. Copy of ID card or passport;
b. Curriculum Vitae (preferably in Europass format);
c. Copies of Degree certificate and transcripts of completed course units or Diploma Supplement;
d. Copy of other certificates and/ or statements attesting to professional experience that the candidate considers useful to demonstrate qualifications and resume;
e. For candidates to master's degrees that confer professional qualification for teaching, copy of the syllabus of completed course units, so that the jury can take proper account of the training credits in the teaching field;
Documents under c) and d) must include the Hague Apostille or other consular certification and authentication;

Scholarships (reduced tuition fees) are available for the degree listed in Annex 2 of the Notice.
The scholarships are aimed at students from the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP) and from Venezuela.
Best application average
The scholarships are allocated according to the regulations (available in the regulations section of the University of Madeira's website)

Degrees  |  Openings | Scholarships 
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Design - 5 openings | 3 scholarships  
Regional and Local Studies - 6 openings | 3 scholarships  
Linguistics: Societies and Culture - 4 openings | 2 scholarships  
Literature, Culture and Diversity - 4 openings | 2 scholarships   
Educational Psychology - 5 openings | 3 scholarships  
Faculty of Exact Sciences and Engineering
Applied Biochemistry - 7 openings | 4 scholarships  
Interactive Media Design  - 10 openings | 3 + 3 scholarships  
Civil Engineering - 14 openings | 4 + 4 scholarships  
Electrical Engineering - Telecommunications - 5 openings |  3 scholarships  
Informatics Engineering - 5 openings |  3 scholarships  
Teaching Mathematics in the 3rd Cycle of Basic and Secondary Schools - 5 openings |  3 scholarships  
Nanochemistry and Nanomaterials - 7 openings |  3 + 3 scholarships  
Faculty of Social Sciences 
Physical Activity and Sports - 10* + 5 openings |  3 scholarships  
Education and Community Development - 2 openings |  1 scholarships  
Preschool and Primary School Education - 2 openings |  1 scholarships  
Faculty of Life Sciences
Applied Biology -  5 openings |  3 scholarships  
Higher School of Technology and Management
Hotel Management -  10 openings |  3 + 3 scholarships  

Click here to access the Public Notice Special Competition for Access and Admission for the International Student Cycles of studies leading to the Portuguese Degree of Mestre 2023-2024 | Click here to the Public Notice - Extension of the application deadline - January Phase