Optativa ( Empreendedorismo ) - Economia - Sem Ramos - Especialidades

ECTS / Credit Units
Year: 3 / 2º Semestre
Plan: 2015/16
Scientific Area: GES
Level: L1

Semestral Hour Load

Theorical: 28.00
Theorical-Pratical: 28.00
Pratical and Laboratorial:
Tutorial: 21.00


Assigned Internship Hours:
Assigned Projects Hours:
Assigned Fieldwork Hours:
Assigned Study Hours:
Assigned Evaluation Hours:

Degree having this Course

Degree - Branch Degree Plan Year
Línguas e Relações Empresariais - Sem Ramos - Especialidades 2013/14
Economia - Sem Ramos - Especialidades 2015/16

Teaching Staff

Carmen Marisela Fernandes de Freitas
Carmen Marisela Fernandes de Freitas

Responsável pelas Pautas
Ensino teórico
Ensino teórico-prático

Course Information

Course Objectivs

1 Present, analyse and discuss the different definitions of entrepreneurship.

2 Assess the entrepreneurship evolution as an area of research

3 Characterize the Entrepreneur

4 Assess the importance of the entrepreneurial environment

5 Characterize the entrepreneurial activity in Portugal

6 Study and comprehend the entrepreneurial process

7 Encourage students to search, recognize and evaluate a business opportunity in cultural activities

8 Develop competences in the elaboration and presentation of a Business plan

Evaluation Criteria

Classification Type: Quantitative (0-20)
Evaluation Methodology: The syllabus contents are covered in lectures (which provide and discuss the theoretical principles of the syllabus) and theoretical-practical (through interactive lessons, fostered by intense and valuable participation of students, being used teaching cases developed by internationally renowned schools in the Entrepreneurship education, in particular the Babson College). The evaluation consists of two elements: a written test (50%) and practical group work (50%), both with a minimum grade of 7.00 values. At the time of appeal or improvement, the evaluation criteria remain, giving the student the opportunity to recover or improve only the grade of the written test.

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Main Bibliography

Costa, H. (2010). Criação & Gestão de Micro-Empresas & Pequenos Negócios. Lidel: Lisboa.
Ferreira, M., Serra, F., Santos, J. (2010). Ser Empreendedor ? Pensar, Criar e Moldar a nova Empresa. Edições Sílabo: Lisboa.
Sarkar, S. (2014). Empreendedorismo e Inovação. Escolar Editora: Lisboa.

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