Opção 2 ( Língua Estrangeira B1.1 Inglês ) - Estudos de Cultura - Sem Ramos - Especialidades

ECTS / Credit Units
Year: 1 / 1º Semestre
Plan: 2017/18
Scientific Area: LIN
Level: Licenciatura

Semestral Hour Load

Theorical-Pratical: 64.00
Pratical and Laboratorial:


Assigned Internship Hours:
Assigned Projects Hours:
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Degree having this Course

Degree - Branch Degree Plan Year
Estudos de Cultura - Sem Ramos - Especialidades 2017/18
Estudos de Cultura (regime pós-laboral) - Sem Ramos - Especialidades 2017/18

Teaching Staff

Inês Tadeu Freitas Gonçalves
Inês Tadeu Freitas Gonçalves

Responsável pelas Pautas
Ensino teórico-prático

Course Information

Course Objectivs

The English B1.1 course covers the intermediate level of learning English as a foreign language: common reference B1.1 level - Threshold - of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This course essentially aims at the acquisition and improvement by students -Independent Users - of linguistic structures so that their knowledge of the English tongue in its various competences may be improved at the intermediate level. Entirely taught in English, this course is intended to help students develop specific language skills, namely reading, speaking, writing, and listening skills. Students are asked to participate in a variety of communicative activities to promote their self-confidence in their use of English in everyday situations.

Evaluation Criteria



  • It is mandatory for all students (except for worker students) who have enrolled in this English Language B1.1 course to attend 75% of all classes during the semester. You can only miss 7 (seven) classes in total
  • During the semester, there will be two written exams (see table below).
  • The students? oral production will also be assessed in class during the semester (see table below). It is mandatory for worker students to be assessed in the oral component as well. In case these are unable to attend classes regularly, they must consult the course lecturer at the beginning of the course.
  • Students who fail to attend 75% of classes at the time the second written exam takes place, will be excluded from this and will therefore Fail, but will be allowed to take the Re-sit Exam.
  • Students who have not reached an average final mark of 9.5 at the end of the semesterwill be allowed to do the Re-sit Exam. This will count as 100% and will include all the semester material.
  • All the work assigned ? both class assignments and homework assignments ? during the semester is exam-relevant. Home assignments are compulsory and in class meetings students are expected to be participative and make active contributions.



TYPE A ASSESSMENT - Final grading consists of:


a) Written Exam 1 ? Friday 03rd November 2017, 4-6 pm


b) Written Exam 2 ? Friday 15th December 2017, 4-6 pm


c) Oral production ? during the semester

Individual (participation in class)



Oral Presentation



Re-sit Exam


Program Resume (get program detail)

I - LANGUAGE AWARENESS: Speaking, Listening and Writing
A - Selection of authentic oral and written texts from Units 1-5 of the adopted Course Book, Total English-Intermediate.
B - Extensive Reading: Students will also read and work on a short story.
-  Nouns: Countable/Uncountable
- Adjectives: Comparatives & Superlatives
- Question Tags
- Verbs: Auxiliary Verbs (do/have/be), Verb patterns with ?ing/infinitive

- Irregular Verbs (B1.1 List )

- Verb Tenses: Present Simple and Present Continuous, Present Perfect Simple and Past Simple / use of for and since, Past Simple and Past Continuous, Present Perfect Simple vs. Present Perfect Continuous
- Future Possibility: will/won't; may/might/could
- Modal Verbs of Obligation and Prohibition
- Phrasal Verbs
- Defining Relative Clauses and Relative Pronouns: who/when/which/where/whose
- Firts Conditional with if/when/unless/as soon as
- The Passive: Active/Passive Sentences

Main Bibliography

  • Mandatory Course Books

- Clare, A. and J. J. Wilson, Total English ? Intermediate, Students? Book, Pearson Longman

- Clare, A. and J. J. Wilson, Total English ? Intermediate, Workbook, Pearson Longman

-  Dahl, Roald (1983), The Witches (Extensive reading)

- Redman, S., English Vocabulary in Use ? Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate, Cambridge U.P.

- Vince, Michael, Intermediate Language Practice, Macmillan


Other Biographical Sources / Support Documents

- Collins Cobuild Dictionary of English Language, Collins

- Dicionário Ilustrado Verbo, Vols. 1, 2 and 3, Verbo

- Jones, D., English Pronouncing Dictionary, Cambridge U.P.

- Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (New Edition, with CD ROM), Longman

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- Sinclair, John, Collins Cobuild English Grammar, and Student?s Grammar (Self-Study Edition), Collins

- Swan, M., and C. Walter, How English Works, Oxford U.P.

- Thomson, A. J. et al., A Practical English Grammar for Foreign Students, Oxford U.P.

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