Linguística Inglesa - Línguas e Relações Empresariais - Sem Ramos - Especialidades

ECTS / Credit Units
Year: 2 / 1º Semestre
Plan: 2013/14
Scientific Area: LIG
Level: Básico

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Theorical-Pratical: 64.00
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Línguas e Relações Empresariais - Sem Ramos - Especialidades 2013/14

Teaching Staff

Vladimir Zegarac
Vladimir Zegarac

Responsável pelas Pautas
Ensino teórico-prático

Course Information

Course Objectivs




·         To increase fluency in oral and written English;

·         To consolidate and review the students? capacity to identify the various parts and functions of the speech producing mechanism;

·         To enable students to correctly use and identify linguistic terminology within the areas of Phonetics and Phonology;

·         To guide students into easily define, characterise and classify English consonants and vowels, as well as diphthongs and triphthongs;

·         To draw students? attention to the various suprasegmental features in the English language, giving particular emphasis to stress, rhythm and intonation;

·         To enable students to become aware of the various aspects related to connected speech in the English language, bearing in mind the varieties in language;

·         To ensure the students? capacity to easily and correctly transcribe, read and pronounce the English language using the I.P.A. system;

·         To develop students' awareness of the complexity of the English grammatical structure;

·         To familiarise students with several methods of breaking down, analysing and understanding word, sentence and, as a consequence, language structure;

·         To avoid recursive errors by working on difficulty areas caused by L1 interference;

·         To promote autonomous organisational work.


Evaluation Criteria


During the semester there will be two written exams.  

Students who have not reached an average mark of 9.5 at the end of the semester will be allowed to do the Re-sit Exam which will count as 100% and will include all the semester material.

All the work assigned during the semester is exam-relevant. Home assignments are compulsory and in class meetings students are expected to be participative and make active contributions. 


Final grading consists of two exams: 

 a) Exam 1: 17th November 2017  ?              50%

 b) Exam 2: 5th January 2018          -              50% 




Program Resume (get program detail)

Main Bibliography


- Set Texts:


a) Course book:


Plag, Ingo, Braun, Maria, Lappe, Sabine, Schramm, Mareile, Introduction to English Linguistics, Mouton de Gruyter, Berlin and New York, 2007. (ISBN 978-3-11-018969-8    Series: Mouton Textbook)


b) Students may be asked to work on an additional selection of different texts to be handed to them during classes by the lecturer.





- Recommended readings:



Finch, Geoffrey, How to study Linguistics, Macmillan, London, 1998.

Jones, Daniel, English Pronouncing Dictionary, C.U.P., 15th Edition, U.K., 1997.

Potter, Simeon, Our language, Penguin.

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Other Biographical Sources / Support Documents


Other References


Bex, Tony, Variety in English ? Texts in Society; Society in Text, Routledge, London, 1996.

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Thornborrow, Joanna and Shân Wareing, Patterns in Language, Routledge, London, 1998.




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